Many thanks to all you have helped me make this program a success:

To Larry Hill and my family for their support and enthusiasm;

To Gail Turner, whose pots sparked the concept;

To Dave Bennett, Kara Risk, Domonic Boreffi,  Jeff Peterson and Keith Moskow, and Suzanne Leahy who allow me flexibility in my other work;

To Ann Hart and Eli Cedrone for their excitement and hard work;

To Ylenia of YLTours, to Alessandra and Silvia of Il Sipario Musicale, to Nicoletta and the girls at Verdidea, and to Jerry Karter and Joanna Christopher of the CCSO for their splendid collaboration;

To Jonny Wilkin, who mastered website so I could continue on my own; and

And most of all, to Ma and Dad, for raising me to believe in and give of myself.

Without these people, Tuscany: A Journey for the Senses would not be possible.

Joan Hill